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Pakistani Chat Rooms For Girls And Boys And Enjoy Radio 24/7 RJ’s Show

Only “whitelist chats” (a.k.a. “safe chats”) may be created, where users can choose from a preselected list of messages.[1] Free chats or blacklist chats, where users can post any message or where certain specific words/phrases are not allowed but otherwise messages are unrestricted, respectively, are not allowed,[citation needed] as there is a significant potential for bullying (more so than other places since users think only a few people will see their messages) or personal information being revealed and it would be very difficult for the Scratch Team to moderate them.


This tutorial makes a “safe chat” with the messages:

  • Hello!
  • Bye!
  • How was your day?
  • Fine.

Variables Needed

This tutorial will assume several variables. These are:

  • c
  • i
  • j
  • k
  • ☁data

One list called “Chat” will be used too. This list will show the chat log.

Sending a Message

To send a message to the chat room, first add the message to the list “Chat”.


Next, encode the entire chat log to ☁data. This process runs through every character in every list item and encodes the character as a two-digit number, then add “00” to separate list items since there is no 0th character of a piece of text. Both define blocks need to have “run without screen refresh” checked when making them.

whenclickedsetctoabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789_-.?!:�These are all supported username characters + characters in our messages + colon for separation of user and message + one "unknown character" character for contingencies.defineencodesetito0set☁datatorepeatlengthofChatchangeiby1setjto0repeatlengthofitemiofChatchangejby1setkto0repeatuntilletterjofitemiofChat=letterkofcork>lengthofcchangekby1ifk>lengthofcthensetktolengthofc...replace that letter with the "unknown character" characterif such a character is out of range of c...ifk<10thenset☁datatojoin☁datajoin0k...make it two digits by adding a 0 in front, e.g. 4 becomes 04elseset☁datatojoin☁datakif the resulting number is less than two digits long...set☁datatojoin☁data00

Receiving a message

To see messages on the list that have been sent, decode ☁data into our list. This will take every two characters of ☁data and turn them back into a text character.


User Interface

To make an interface to send and receive messages, simply always ask for a message, then send it. Preferably, this would be in the Stage.



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